Cycling Scot Visits the Dornoch Castle Hotel



We were delighted to have Colin Baird the Cycling Scot back with us again, this time he has written a wonderful review on the Dornoch Castle Hotel. His blog also features a scenic cycle route from Dornoch to Golspie, a route which is sure to entice all cycling enthusiasts to try the next time they are up in Dornoch.

“This is a unique experience. It is rare to find a working fire in a hotel room and to be in charge of lighting it and stoking it with logs. I have been to hotels that have fireplaces in the lounges, but never in the rooms.

And what a room this is. Many people dream of living in a Scottish castle. It is something they would love to be able to experience on a trip to Scotland. Staying in the Old Courtroom makes that dream come true. There are several other castle hotels in Scotland, but I have not yet come across one that matches Dornoch Castle for the authentic feeling of the room.”

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