Whisky Tasting at Dornoch Castle

What is it about Scotch whisky that commands such devotion like a preacher commanding the soul of their flock? Most casual drinkers associate it with a bad night in college, the precursor to an evening — and an early morning — of regrettable decisions.

To better understand, I took my novice palate and scarce knowledge to Dornoch Castle to sign up for their whisky tasting so that I might learn the differences from a smokey Islay and a sweet Speyside, or indeed, what they are in the first place. But before I got to that, I had to learn how to properly taste the drink for maximum appreciation using one of the world’s top-rated whisky bars (rated by drinkers themselves) as my textbook.

Step into the Dornoch Castle Hotel with trivago Magazine

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The North Coast 500 is fast becoming one of the most famous coastal routes, with stunning scenery and enchanting towns along the way you can see why.

For those of you keen walkers visiting Dornoch, Walk Highlands has a great selection of walks for all skill levels.

Dornoch Castle Hotel and Dornoch Distillery were lucky enough to feature in Trivago’s article citing their favourite hotels to stay at whilst on the Scottish Whisky Trail.

We were delighted to have Colin Baird the Cycling Scot back with us again, this time he has written a wonderful review on the Dornoch Castle Hotel.

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