Hosting Weddings in the Castle

Hosting Weddings here at Dornoch Castle has been one of the things Ros and I have most enjoyed over the past 20 years, especially Ros, who has tallied up a total in the hundreds that she personally has overseen, and she has the wedding albums to prove it!

We take great pride in knowing that we have provided the venue for a couple’s very special day. We get to share it with them, and we especially love it if they come back a few years later, perhaps on their anniversary, or when they have a young baby to show us. Many people marrying here have had a connection with Dornoch, or it can just be that they wanted a Highland castle wedding. When Madonna had her son Rocco christened over the road at Dornoch Cathedral back in 2000, then marrying Guy Ritchie at Skibo, we received a huge wedding spin off the following few years, especially with American brides.

Weddings can be costly affairs though, and so to celebrate our 20th anniversary of ownership we are offering the amazing deal of a winter wedding for 40 guests for £2020!  Extra guests can easily be added on a pro rata basis. The offer is open from November 2019 to end March 2020, and November 2020 to March 2021!

We can’t wait to see who takes us up on this fantastic offer – weddings have changed a bit over the years in that nowadays, many couples want to make it a celebration over a number of days, and it needn’t be a weekend, there can be weddings any day of the week now.

Some bridal couples only want their close family and friends there, so 40 guests may suit them perfectly. Sometimes there are no evening reception guests.  Weddings can be for a second or third time, and can be same sex ceremonies. They can be civil or religious. All of this has certainly opened up the market.

Ros has plenty more room in her current wedding album, so please get in touch if you are looking for a date this winter!  All T&C’s, and more details are here on this website!